About Electron Dash

Electron Dash is a particularly interesting game for those who have a passion for exploring the universe. Are you ready to start this unique adventure journey?

In this game, you play as an astronaut exploring the perilous universe. The goal of the game is to maneuver this astronaut figure while avoiding obstacles and earning the highest possible score. If you fall into the universe's dark void, the game is over. On this thrilling adventure, you may come across beautiful blue tunnels. You can also gaze at the night sky. It appears that the beautiful stars are cheering you on and illuminating your path. To complete the assignment, you must avoid the red obstacles because they are everywhere and no one knows where they come from. If you unintentionally run into one of these obstacles, you will lose. Despite how they appear, as soon as you touch them, they will collapse. You may direct your character through an endless tube to prevent striking anything or falling into space if there are too many hazards to avoid in time. You must thus pay close attention and thoroughly consider your options before taking any further action. Along the way, you'll need to gather more things, particularly red hearts, which will enable you to be revived in the event of death. With every level, the hurdles get more difficult, so carefully weigh your selections.

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How To Control

Use your mouse, ASWD keys, or arrows to move the astronaut character.