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Kingdom Defense Online


Show your shooting skills in Kingdom Defense Online

Do you trust your archery ability? Do you want to become an outstanding archer? Kingdom Defense Online can make your dreams come true. In this game, you will be a king with great archery ability. You will be the only person who protects your kingdom. The army from hell is ravaging your castle. Use magic arrows to destroy them. Be careful as they also have very strong fighting power. They can shoot or attack with swords.

Aim and shoot enemies in Kingdom Defense Online

Are you ready to kill all the coming monsters? Pick up your bow and aim at the enemy. Click on the enemy to determine the direction of the arrow. The number of arrows is unlimited, so you can freely shoot arrows. However, you should not miss them because the monsters move very fast. If you can't kill one monster quickly, many others will come immediately close to your castle. So, make sure that each arrow hits the monster's body. You can see the health of each monster through the health bar under them. When this health bar runs out, they will die. You also can see your health point on the left corner of the screen. When you are attacked, these points will decrease. Until it reduces to 0, the game will end.

The army of monsters will be very crowded, so it is difficult for normal arrows to kill them all. At this time, use the character's special skills. These abilities are enormously destructive. However, it will take you a few seconds to be able to use this ability again. Use these skills wisely. Keep in your mind that the resistance of the monsters will increase to a high level. Of course, their attack also will be more powerful. Therefore, don't forget to upgrade your character. Hope you like this game! Good luck to you!

What you get from winning the battle in Kingdom Defense Online

After destroying all enemies, you will get some coins. Then, you can use them to buy some upgrades. You can power up your health points, power, rate, special ability, etc. Then, you will be stronger and destroy enemies easily.

When all monsters lay down, you proceed to the level. There are 16 levels to challenge your skills. Multiple levels always bring a thrill to players. You also can experience this thrill in Dynamons World which has a lot of challenges.

Explore more about Kingdom Defense Online

  • You can exercise your shooting skills with this game.
  • The game has impressive graphics. The characters are very cute. Although they are monsters, they aren't terrible. Children also can play this game.
  • Many levels to update your ability.
  • Unlock many special skills of your character in this game by passing certain levels. There are 5 abilities and the first ability is available. Therefore, you need to unlock four left skills.
  • The later abilities open, the more damage they do.

Game control: Use the mouse to shoot.