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Gold Tower Defense

About Gold Tower Defense

Gold Tower Defense is a famous castle defense game. Choose a fixed location and carefully protect the gold in it against dangerous enemies.

In this hazardous tower defense game, you must defend the money that is concealed behind your city's walls at all costs. You must exert every effort to build solid defenses that are guaranteed to repel hostile attacks. If your defense towers are strategically situated, attacking opponents can be ambushed. When you've defeated every adversary in a level, you may go on to the next one by selecting new towers and investing your money in a more powerful defense. The numerous gifts and amazing prizes you get after each battle should be put to good use by upgrading your equipment and purchasing more powerful weapons to you can defeat the enemy in the fastest way. Naturally, you won't be able to do anything as the opponent approaches. Instead, you may actively take part in unexpected enemy attacks and enjoy the rush of commanding soldiers into fierce conflict.

How To Control

Use the arrow buttons on your keyboard to locate the tower, then press enter to fix it. In the game, there will be icon buttons to help you in the battle.