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Pokemon Diamond Puzzle


What is Pokemon Diamonds Puzzle?

An entertainment game was released. Pokemon Diamonds Puzzle will blow your mind with its easy gameplay. This game is inspired by the Pokemon series. However, you won't train many cute monsters like in Dexomon. You will collect the same diamonds and make them into a tower. The diamonds will appear right in the background. Sometimes they will stack on top of each other. You have to cleverly separate them. This game is too simple for adults. However, it will be a great game for kids.

How to play Pokemon Diamonds Puzzle

Move your mouse to stack diamonds of the same colour into a tower. Click the mouse button to create a tower fusion. The more diamonds you stack at one time, the more points you'll get from the tower fusion. If a diamond is too hard to reach, you can click on it as a tower. Don't let your tower run into diamonds of a different colour, or your tower will get blown apart. The time is limited, so you need to quickly collect the same colour diamonds.

Benefits of playing Pokemon Diamonds Puzzle

  • This game is an effective way to kill time. You will have relaxing moments while playing the game. No shooting or driving skills are required. You just need ingenuity when playing the game.
  • Kids playing games can help them improve their hand dexterity. In addition, for younger children, this is also a good way to distinguish colours.

Some outstanding features of Pokemon Diamonds Puzzle

  • The game is designed with many colourful diamonds
  • There are many levels to challenge yourself. The difficulty will increase gradually.
  • The more diamonds your tower has, the more points you will gain.
  • Time for each level is limited, so you must quickly clear all the diamonds on the platform.

Game Control: Use the mouse to play this game.