About Castle Keeper

Castle Keeper is a fun and dramatic castle defense game. Use your talented shooting skills to destroy all dangerous enemies and defend the castle.

In the game, you are the soldier protecting the castle against waves of enemies and you are alone. With top-notch marksmanship skills, shoot all the enemies that don't let them enter the castle. Each wave of waves of the enemy comes more and more, you should use the gold money to kill the enemy buy weapons, and equip yourself with rockets, and tools to break the enemy's ladder to cause strong damage. most to the enemy.

Your main goal is to protect the castle, after finishing the battle and winning, you will again be transferred to another castle, the enemy army is larger, stronger, and long dead. Each level is a difficult challenge for you, helping you increase experience and have interesting experiences. Winning each army and defending a castle are your own achievements and will be saved in history books and become heroes. The 3D graphics in the game are beautifully designed, along with realistic sounds to help you experience the feeling of being on the battlefield.

How To Control

When playing on the computer, you rotate the mouse or press the A/D button to move the character. When you see an enemy, aim and left-click to kill them. There are also menu buttons and icons on the screen, click on them and upgrade your equipment. There are many castles that need you to protect, let's play and experience them now.