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Be on exciting adventures in Dexomon

Welcome to the world of adorable monsters. You can find these monsters in the Dynamons World. although they own a cute appearance, they have a powerful ability. Dexomon will turn you into a monster trainer. You have to catch the wild monsters and train them into strong monsters. On your adventure, you will face many opponents and you have to defeat them. They also own many powerful monsters. Let monsters fight together. Who will be the final winner? The higher level the monsters are, the more power they get. Now, don't wait anymore, play the game and build your monster team.

The rules of Dexomon

Each trainer will own their team. When they enter a match, they will use all monsters to battle. When the health points of one monster run out, another will replace it. The competition will last until the trainer has no monster. You can get some incredible gifts when you win another trainer. You can refight with other trainers if you lose. In the beginning, your monster will be very weak. You may always be defeated. Don't lose hope because you can collect experience after each fight. Then, the level can up thanks to this experience. Only the monster that defeats the opponents can get EX. When starting the game, you have a chance to select one of three monsters. Then, you have to catch the other wild monsters to improve your team's power. When entering a match, you need to press the mouse on the skills to play. Besides attack skills, some monster has healing skill. That skill allows the monsters to recover a little health.

The three elements in Dexomon

Each monster in this game contains a huge elemental power: wood, water, and fire. Each elemental strength has different strengths and weaknesses. You can take advantage of this to defeat enemies. For example, water monsters can deal critical damage to fire monsters. However, it was unable to withstand the wood monster's attacks. The fire monster can withstand the wood monster's attack but is severely damaged by the water monster's attack.

Features in Dexomon 

  • The game offers many interesting characters and monsters. You can catch the monsters when they are weak. You will attack them until their health points are low. Then, use the decks to capture them.
  • The game will increase the difficulty when you move longer on your adventure. It means the levels of opposite monsters will be very higher. They can hit your pets with one skill. So, always improving your monsters’ level is necessary.
  • You will use decks to catch the wild monsters. Although you have many monsters, you only can use three main monsters in a match. Therefore, you should choose the powerful monster. It is better to select three monsters with three elemental power.
  • It takes lots of time to level up your monster to high levels. You should catch the suitable monsters because your number of decks is limited.

Game control: Use the mouse to play this game.