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Pokemon Catch Journey

About Pokemon Catch Journey

Those who are addicted to Pokémon comics or movies will surely be interested in this game, Pokemon Catch Journey.

How will your journey go?

In this game, you will accompany Ketchum to drive a truck to the Poke centre. Along the way, you will encounter Pokemon and Poke balls, and you have to collect them. However, you also need to pay attention to the Poke balls to be suitable for each Pokemon. Look at the Current Ball button and notice what kind of Poke ball the next Pokemon appears. If it doesn't match the type of ball shown in the Current Ball button, you can switch between Poke balls depending on the type. In addition, the game also displays the time that you are spending on your trip and the number of Pokemon that you have caught. If you meet the requirements of each level then you can move on to a higher level. Otherwise, you will have to play again.

Functions included in Pokemon Catch Journey

When accessing this game, you will immediately see many selection buttons, of which you should choose the tutorial button if you have never tried this game to understand how to play. Right below you can see the High Scores, that's where you'll see the scores of the best players. Standing at the top is More Games, where you can find other games, such as Dexomon, which is also a game related to Pokemon but here, they will fight to win.

Game control

Use arrow keys to move the truck, and a spacebar to catch pokemon and Poke balls. If you want to pause the game, you can use the P key. As mentioned above, you need to switch between poke balls and to do that you need to use the number keys from 1 to 5.