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Pokemon FireRed Version


Be on an adventure in Pokemon FireRed Version

In the world which you are about to enter, you will embark on a grand adventure with you as the hero. Speak to people and check things wherever you go, be it towns, roads or caves. Gather information and hints from every source. In this world, for some people, Pokemon are pets. Others use them for battle. Besides this game, there is another world with many strange monsters in Dynamons World.

New paths will open to you by helping people in need, overcoming challenges and solving mysteries. At that time, you will be challenged by others and attacked any wild creatures. Be brave and keep pushing on. Through your adventure, you should interact with all sorts of people and achieve personal growth. That is the most significant objective.

Get the first pokemon and start your adventure in the Pokemon FireRed Version

At the beginning, you will receive the first pokemon from the Pokemon professor. You can select one of three pokemon. The special thing is you can give your pokemon a nickname. Create a unique name now! Then, you can go out of your town. If a wild pokemon appear, your pokemon can battle with it. Let's reach the next town.

Use your pokemon to attack the opponent

Inflicting damage on the foe is the key to any battle. Lowering the foe's stats will put you at an advantage. After each match, your pokemon will gain some certain experience points which can level up your pet. Moreover, you also earn prize money for winning the match. When battling, you can select between fight or run, Look at the opposing pokemon's level to make the correct decision.

Features in Pokemon FireRed Version

  • This game has complicated control. You have to use many keys to play. Therefore, the tutorial at the beginning is very important.
  • The graphics of this game also brings us to the games in the past.
  • Each character in this game also has a different role. They even can give you some great items.

Some tips to play Pokemon FireRed Version

  • You need to help other people to unlock new paths. Then, you will discover many interesting things.
  • You may face many opponents and wild pokemon. You can battle with them to get more experience for your pokemon.
  • You can catch wild pokemon when they are weak.
  • Let's collect helpful items on the road to support you in your adventure.
  • Prepare bags to conclude items
  • Interacting with other characters to know more information.

The various buttons with their importance

  • Arrow keys to move the main character. They also used to choose vảious date headings.
  • A key is used to confirm a choice, check things, chat, and scroll text.
  • B key is used to exit, cancel a choice, and cancel a mode.
  • Press the start button to open the menu.
  • Press the Select button to shirt items and to use a registered item.
  • L and R keys to help to play the game, or how to do things.