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Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night

About Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night

Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night is a thrilling undersea fighting game. Eat the small fish, survive to the end and master the vast ocean.

When the night comes, when the darkness covers the vast ocean with a mysterious black, it is also the time when Hungry Shark Arena appears and feeds, you are also among them, and the war for food begins to appear. To become the ultimate ruler, you must eat smaller fish, and rule the whole kingdom under the sea. You are like fearsome hunters who eat every creature smaller than you. But this is the rule, whoever is strong will win, and the big fish will eat the small fish. You don't become big, other fish will eat you too. You must fight to survive. Compete with other sharks to be the last survivor in the game. The game has been optimized and gives you a realistic feeling, all kinds of fish and sea creatures feel like swimming in real water and you will also be like a shark, bloodthirsty and immersed in the hunting business.

How To Control

You use the mouse to control and move to the prey that you have eaten and get points, other larger fish can also do the same to you, so you also pay attention to the opponents around.