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Draw Attack


Lead your troop to defeat all enemies in Draw Attack

You are the leader of a country. Your country is peaceful and prosperous.  Therefore, a dark force wants to invade your country. Let's lead your army and defeat all the enemies. Be careful as they will also attack your army. To win the war, you must choose the right troops to fight them. Draw Attack will turn you into an outstanding strategist. Are you ready to fight the villains? Don't hesitate to show them your strength!

Draw reasonable troops in Draw Attack

Your army will have soldiers with different special abilities. Each soldier will cost a certain number of drops of ink. The more ink drops a soldier spends, the higher the fighting power. However, you also need to observe the enemy troops before drawing your troops. From there, you will know suitable troops to destroy the army effectively. Watch out for your ink box. The number of ink drops will decrease when you draw soldiers. However, it will also slowly fill up again. You can draw minions before entering the battle or during the battle. Don't just draw a few soldiers. Use all the ink you have to draw a mighty army. One more thing, you need to place your troops within your area.

When you win a battle, you will get some coins. Then you can use these coins to buy upgrades for your troops, ink, and castle. The higher the level they are, the more power they get. The game has many levels. The next levels will always have more terrible enemies, so upgrades are extremely necessary.

Description of each kind of troop in Draw Attack

Each kind of troop in this game has advantages and disadvantages. You can use their strength to deal with enemy troops.

  • Swordman (2 drops of ink): low cost with flash movement.
  • Crossbowman (3 drops of ink): long-range attack and flexible. Not good at close combat.
  • Spearman (4 drops of ink): high defence and high HP, but with relatively low attack ability.
  • Mage (5 drops of ink): long-range and AE attack. Place them in the back. Their attack is slow.
  • Giant (8 drops of ink): excellent resistance. Every hit attacks multiple targets. Their cost is expensive.

More information about Draw Attack

  • You can open mysterious chests on the main menu. They will provide some coins. However, you only can unlock them after some minutes. 
  • The game is a great combination between the stickman games and the strategy games. There isn’t only a strategy game. Dynamons World is also a worth-trying game.
  • Come to the game, and you have an opportunity to experience the nice 2D graphics.
  • The game is developed by Yizhiyuan Network Technology Co and it was released on May 19, 2021.
  • This game is designed with HTML5 technology, so you can play the game on a desktop or mobile. You can have fun with this game anytime. Can you protect your castle? Play the game to have the answer.

How to control: Use the mouse to play this game.