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Glove Power


About Glove Power

Play and experience the ultimate power in the Glove Power game. You have to collect 6 power stones and make a snap to erase the half population of the world.

This game is inspired by Marvel Studio's famous Avengers movie series. In this game, you will experience the ultimate power from Thanos' infinity gauntlet. Unlike the monster-destroying Keeper Of The Grove game, in Glove Power, you collect power stones and perform snaps to swipe out the haft of the universe. You will go through many dangerous obstacles to be able to collect these stones. You can also use these stones to make your path easier. Remember to upgrade the stones to optimize their power.

How to control: Use the keys on the keyboard to control.

The ultimate power of stones

You collect all 6 power stones and perform a snap that erases reality in the game Glove Power.

  • Time Stone (Green) has the ability to slow down the time of objects. When you upgrade to the maximum will cause objects in the affected area to stop moving.
  • Space Stone (Blue) has the ability to expand space. This power-up is useful when you have to face a bunch of obstacles that stand in your way.
  • Reality Stone (Red) has the ability to clear an obstacle in the way. You can move through obstacles more easily. When upgrading to the maximum, it will be possible to remove 3 obstacles from the real ear.
  • Power Stone (Purple) creates a circle of power around you. This circle is capable of breaking all obstacles in its path.
  • Mind Stone (Yellow) helps you have the ability to calm down and activate the ability to fly.
  • Soul Stone (Orange) is the ultimate stone that activates the ultimate power of the infinity gauntlet that helps you remove all obstacles with a snap of your fingers.