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Meet many adorable in Dynamons

Dynamons is a fighting game with interesting beasts. Use every ability you have to train your Dynamons to win every exciting battle.

You love the Pokemon cartoon and must be familiar with its cute animals. Each animal has different features and unique fighting abilities. Collect them and order them to attack according to their strengths and the opponent's weaknesses. You are the one to train them, take them to the competition, win a lot, upgrade them and upgrade yourself. Moreover, you also have a chance to see tons of other magical animals in a mysterious world called Dynamons World.

Play Dynamons online 

First, you will get free dynamons under the guidance of an old man. Use those dynamons to fight other opponents. If you win, collect it in the bag, similar to the orb in Pokemon. There are animals on the way you will meet, but there are also those that hide very deep and carefully. Be careful with them, they are very powerful.

Step by step to acquire Dynamons for your own, increase their rank to make their fighting power stronger and you will easily pass the level, and increase your rank points. Each level will be dynamons with different attributes, and the level of difficulty and combat will increase gradually. You only can capture wild animals. You will attack them until their health point bar is low, then use the special items to catch them. Fierce battles are waiting for you to experience and become a talented dynamons trainer. When you conquer all levels of this game, you can continue your adventure in Dynamons 2.

Become a talented trainer with these tips

Please see the instructions for each dynamons that you are about to conquer and what are the weaknesses and attributes to make dynamons accordingly, the probability of winning will be higher.

Besides, you also need to know the strength and weaknesses of each elemental power. From that, you can utilize them to defeat opponents. For instance, Water-type Dynamons are immune to fire Dynamon harm. However, They will take additional damage from the strikes of electrical Dynamons. Therefore, you should catch many animals with different elemental powers.


You just need to left-click on the properties you need, such as flash. Lips dynamons will turn to move, in turn, your dynamons will have a green ring at the bottom. If you want to change dynamons, there is a plus button, clicking on it will show your dynamons, select the one you want to change. And the icon of the bag is for you to capture those dynamons, pay attention when you see the bloodline of the opponent's dynamons almost all, showing the red line, and you will be able to capture and pass the level. This game is playable on web browsers, so you can play the game on mobile and desktop. It is also a good method to show your great strategy. 

Game control: Use the mouse to play this game.