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Extreme Run 3D


Explore your limits in Extreme Run 3D. Immerse yourself in the world of 3D graphics with endless racing tracks and conquer more difficult levels.

Extreme Run 3D will make you unable to sit still with heart-pounding and thrilling experiences. Conquer obstacles on the endless racetrack with super attractive 3D graphics. Promising to bring the most wonderful and memorable space that cannot be found anywhere else.

Players undertake the task of overcoming a series of obstacles with truly professional skills. Need to flexibly and creatively combine jumping, sliding, and turning. The game's unlimited levels create newness and excitement for gamers with a passion for learning new things.

Join Extreme Run 3D to explore a vast and mysterious universe filled with the most wonderful things.

Features of the game.

  • The track is not limited to levels.
  • Each race track has its own characteristics, no overlap, no boredom.
  • Players can control the direction of the ball on the terrain, and perform precise jumps and slides.
  • Can control the speed of the ball in different terrains.

How to play

Use the mouse or arrow keys.