About Squid Run

Squid Run is a fascinating survival game. You must survive each round and face many opponents with familiar folk games or you will lose your life.

Squid Run swiftly gained popularity after it debuted on Netflix earlier this year. The theme of the show blended survival drama with challenges inspired by children's leisure pastimes. They are all traditional folk games that everyone is familiar with. However, for dramatic purposes, the game changed regulations, allowing everyone to experience a heart-pounding sensation. For example, when playing to the level of Red Light, Green Light you just need to make a small mistake and you will die immediately. To survive and avoid death, you must put yourself in the characters' shoes and face the most challenging challenges. To attain good results, use your thinking and calculation ability to overcome all opponents. You must use extreme caution or your life will be lost. Don't be disappointed if you lose in the first round, you will have an infinite amount of retries to improve your performance and maximize your score. Now is the time to put your skills to the test by playing this hard and dramatic game.

How To Control

Use the mouse and the arrow buttons on the keyboard to control the character participating in the contest and avoid all obstacles.