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Highway Racer


About Highway Racer

Are you ready for fierce races in the Highway Racer game? Do not hesitate to play and enjoy the great moments with this exciting driving game.

Unleash amazing races in the game Highway Racer. In this game you will be participating in more fierce races than ever, this is your chance to show off your top driving skills. If you are familiar with driving games through Traffic Jam 3D game, Highway Racer will still amaze you with the different modes of the game. You will control your car in 3 different types of situations, those are Sunny, rainy, and night. Situations require players to be able to improvise. You will use the keys on the keyboard to control your car through countless obstacles on the road. These obstacles appear very suddenly, so you need to be extremely focused to be able to avoid them. These roads are endless tracks so the game only ends when you have an accident. Play and set the longest distance traveled records in the game.

Features of Highway Racer

  • A car-controlling game
  • Play the game in 5 modes

How to control: Use the key on the keyboard to control

Play Highway Racer in 5 modes

In this game, you have the opportunity to show off your skills in 5 modes

  • In One-Way mode: You control your car on a one-way road, trying not to collide with other cars going in the same direction.
  • In Two Way mode: You have to control your car on a 2-way road and you also must not collide with other cars.
  • In Time Attack mode: The game has set a time for you. You must drive safely until the time is up
  • In Speed Bomb mode: You don't lose immediately after you have an accident. But every time, a collision occurs, your blood bar will decrease. When your blood bar run out, your car will explode and you fail.
  • In Multiplayer mode: You will race against other opponents.