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Start the story in Magikmon

You will transform into the main character in this game. You are a new student entering Ogdownload's Magic School. You are already late on the first day at this school. When you want to go through a gate, you must fight a monster. However, that monster almost got you. You find a magical wand that will help you wander about the school. The place is crowded with magical beings called Magikmon. They're wild but you can tame them thanks to the magical wand. Then, you will receive the first Magikmon. First of all, the magical wand needs to know more about you. You will select one of three professions you like. They are teachers, scientist, and fireman. After that, you will discover the kind of Magikmon suitable for you. Thanks to the magical wand, you will get to gather a team of up to 6 Magikmon. Now, getting to school will be easier.

Buy items in Magikmon

Click on the blue fire button next to the magical wand button. You can buy many valuable items in this shop.

  • Magical trap: captures a free Magikmon. Remember that the weakest the Magiknom are, the easiest you can catch them.
  • Full Life: recovers the full bar of life
  • Antidot: cancels the Venom state
  • Focus: cancels the Hack state
  • Attack: increase attack temporarily
  • Defense: increase defence temporarily
  • Aim: Increase aim temporarily

Different between Magikmon

The Magikmon will be classified into three main kinds which defend on their elements, They are Tech, Classic, and Specter Magikmon.

Classic Magikmon is some kind of Gods used to defeat Specter Magikmon. On the other side, Tech Magikmon easily beat Classic Magikmon. They're more modern and popular. But for Specter Magikmon, the fancy stuff of Tech Magikmon means nothing. They're too badass. The school logo is a reminder of this whole relationship.

Attack the opposite Magikmon

When your Magikom is on the ring to battle with other others. You can see some statistics such as name, HP bar, and their levels. Each Magikmon will attack in turn. You will press the skill on the right corner to cause damage. If you want to catch a wild Magikmon, use the critical capture on the left corner. When you think the opponents are more powerful than your Magikmon. You can escape from the match by pressing the character button. When your Magikmon runs out of health points, you should heal a boost to prepare for the next match. You can find more magical monsters in Dynamons World. This world will bring many surprises for you.

Some things about Magikmon

  • This game is playable on the desktop and mobile. Therefore, you can play it anytime you want.
  • The game has many adorable and unique characters. Many other Magikmon will appear later on your adventure.
  • Level up your Magikmon by getting experience in the matches
  • You will be on an adventure and catch the wild Magikmon. Your team only has a maximum of 6 Magikmon.
  • Sometimes, escaping is a better way when you have to face terrible opponents.

Game control

Use the mouse to move your character and attack.