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Merge Cannon Chicken Defense


Against the chicken attack in Merge Cannon Chicken Defense

A great new game was released. Merge Cannon Chicken Defense combines a merge game and a shooter together. In this game, you will become the guardian of your kingdom. The chicken army is attacking your country with dangerous weapons. They are approaching your fence. You will have to destroy them before they hit the fence. Chickens seem cute but are actually very dangerous. They are as same as many Dynamons in Dynamons World. Destroy them to protect your peaceful kingdom. Are you ready to join this war? The kingdom is waiting for you to rescue.

Merge the cannon in Merge Cannon Chicken Defense

At first, you will also be given a level 1 cannon. After that, you will use the given coins to buy another level 1 cannon. Finally, when you merge these two cannons together, you will get a level 2 cannon. You will do the same with the other cannon. The higher the cannon's level, the stronger the destructive power. Once the cannons have been merged, place them on the wall to fire. You can also remove cannons by clicking the bin icon. However, I advise you not to delete any cannons. Besides buying cannons with coins, you will also receive great cannons in mysterious boxes. These boxes will appear once every few seconds. Don't wait for these boxes because they bring random cannons for you. They almost are low-level cannons.

Shoot enemies in Merge Cannon Chicken Defense

You will build a solid fence to prevent even aggressive chickens. However, the strength of the fence has a limit. Therefore, you will use cannons to destroy the chickens. The chickens will attack in waves. Each of their attacks will have a lot of soldiers. Going last is the final boss. When you kill the final boss then you will pass the level. You can strengthen your fence with coins. Of course, the next fence improvement will be more expensive than the previous one. The price of guns also will gradually increase. Don't worry because every time you kill a chicken, you will get some gold coins. This bonus amount will also increase. Prepare weapons and clear all dangerous chickens in this game now!

Kill all chickens with some tips in Merge Cannon Chicken Defense

  • You should always level up your cannon because your enemies also always are stronger. Only level up your weapons, and you can defeat the chicken.
  • Don't remove any cannon if it isn't necessary. The weak weapon also can attack the chicken.
  • Although the cannon has a low level, you also can put it on the wall to shoot. The more cannons you set up, the more power you shoot.
  • Look at the health points of your fence and increase them. Don't let your fence be destroyed.
  • After finishing a wave, you can see some statistics such as how many coins you get or how many chickens you kill.

How to control: Use the mouse to play this game.