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Dead Paradise 3


About Dead Paradise 3

Dead Paradise 3 is an exciting game, where you will have moments of complete entertainment. You can participate in fiery battles with your friends.

You have seen and admired the battles in Kingdom Defense Online, so let the Dead Paradise 3 game immerse you in endless battles. You will control the tank and equip it with weapons. You need to attack and at the same time avoid the attacks of other opponents. Avoid obstacles along the way and bring survivors to a safe place.

Features of Dead Paradise 3

  • An endless war
  • Counter-attack by weapon
  • destroy opponents

How to play

You will control your tank on a track full of dangers. There will be a defense car behind you to help you counterattack. You have to pay attention to traps and other tanks that attack along the way. You can use bombs and missiles to counter enemy attacks. These enemies attack very fiercely, so take cover behind the defense car. Drive the car to go far on the track and collect money to upgrade your car and weapons.

You can spend money to upgrade the car based on 5 parts. Those parts are the shield, engine, wheels, fuel, and weapon. You can upgrade each part up to 5 times. Collect coins and make your car as powerful as possible.

How to control

  • Use the up arrow to move forward
  • Use the left arrow to balance left
  • Use the right arrow to balance right
  • Use the down arrow to move backward
  • Press SPACE to launch rockers
  • Use Z to turn the gun back
  • Use X to turn the gun forward
  • Use C to pour gasoline and burn your adversaries

Some useful tips to play Dead Paradise 3

  • Move under the protection of the defense vehicle
  • Use weapons to counter-attack the opponent
  • Collect gasoline to make sure your tank does not run out of fuel on the track