Merge Race 3D is a fun competitive game with animals. Breed the beast into your own character and compete on the track and to the finish line.

In the game, this will be a race with exotic animals. On the track, there will be countless dangers and challenges waiting for you. Like climbing the wall, going through the swamp, crossing the river, etc. Your mission is to run through those challenges and win the finish line.
Before playing, to let players unleash their creativity and not get bored, you will be bred for your character. For example, eagles fly well; Fish and frogs are good swimmers. Breed accordingly, if the task of the race is to run long, choose the legs of the rabbit and must climb, then choose a bird or the hand of a tiger to easily overcome the challenge.

Tips: Let's breed the right traits to be able to pass the screen as quickly as possible. You will get more points on your leaderboard.


When you first start playing, you will be given a preview of the race. After that, go to the breeding room, and you will be able to choose the characteristics of your character. Move to find matching parts then left-click to inject the hybrid solution.