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Play Hole.io

Participate in a great adventure in the Hole.io game. You will have to increase the size of the sinkhole and destroy the architecture of a large city.

This game has a similar gameplay to Mope.io, you need to control and increase the size of your character. In this game, you will control a sinkhole, you will not stop destroying architecture in the city and increase the size of the hole. In the beginning, the size of the hole is quite small, you can eat objects of a suitable size to increase the hole. You need to find and eat humans that move on the map to increase in size. When your hole is big enough, you can eat cars or structures like street lights or buildings. You can eat the players who are smaller than you. However, you need to run away from the larger players, or you will be devoured.

How to control: Use the mouse to control.

The modes of the game

You can play this game in 4 game modes. Each game mode has its own characteristics.

  • In Classic mode, you will compete with other players for 2 minutes. Survive and get the highest score to win.
  • In Battle Royale, you win if you are the last hole standing.
  • In team mode, this mode will put you in team vs team matches. You will be connected to a random team to fight.
  • In Solo mod, it requires you to eat 100% of the map in 2 minutes.

Choose a map and skin

This game has interesting skins for your pit. The standard holes are holes with many colors such as red, blue, and green. The holes have pictures of national flags of countries such as American flags, British flags, and Chinese flags.

In addition, the game has 15 different maps for you. You can change the map before joining a match. Possible maps include City, Medieval, Japan, Sci-Fi, Pirates, Farm, Cartoon Town, Vikings, and Industry. Each map will take you to a different world. However, you have to play to unlock these maps.