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Protect My Dog

About Protect My Dog

Protect My Dog is an interesting game for those who love animals. Our dog is being stung by a bee, let's do everything to rescue the dog right away.

A fun puzzle game with a dog and a swarm of bees will definitely make you addicted. Your task is to help the dog not be stung by bees. Poisonous bees will fly out continuously for about 10 seconds and you should draw a circle to protect the bees before they can attack your dog. In the game, there are 50 levels, equivalent to 50 puzzles for you to rescue your dog. Each level also has different challenges so you will not be bored. Through each level, the bee colony will be more and more, and the number of dogs that you need to protect will also increase. And yet, in addition to bees, the higher the level, the more challenges you will have to face, there are many dangerous objects such as sharp bricks, and stones that are also trying to harm your dog.

Tips: your task is to protect the dog from external influences, so when you draw a protective ring for the dog, make it big and thick.

How To Control

You will use the mouse and move to draw a circle around the dog to create a protective wall. You have to draw without stopping before the bees fly out. Next, you just need to wait for 10 seconds and if the dog is not stung by bees, you will win and pass the level.