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Age Of War


War happens in Age of War

War has always appeared in the past to the place. This topic has been taken as the main theme by Age Of War. In this game, you have to confront another country. Your country and the other will fight each other from the Stone Age to the modern age. Are you ready for this long battle? Your goal is to attack the enemy base. Be careful because the enemy also has the same goal as you. They will attack your castle at any cost. Use gold to create mighty and powerful warriors. Don't forget to upgrade your castle to suit the times and become more solid.

Join the battle across the ages in Age of War

This battle will begin while you are still in the stone age. The cavemen holding sticks are your soldiers. In addition, you can equip more catapults. Each age brings different weapons and soldiers. Your country will also develop over time. From residents riding dinosaurs to futuristic floating tanks. Remember to upgrade your era by earning enough experience points. When you kill a soldier of the enemy team, you will gain a certain amount of experience. This game will show the innovation of humans. You also can explore another world which is Dynamons World. Guess what you can find in this game!

Attack enemies in Age Of War

To attack enemies in the Age of War, you need to deploy your units strategically and launch coordinated attacks against enemy bases. Use your resources to train and upgrade different types of units. Each unit has its own abilities and strengths. Choose a balanced combination that suits your playing style. Moreover, it is very important that you balance between attack and defense. Make sure you have enough resources to train new units and upgrade existing units. Effective resource management will allow you to maintain a strong strike force. Don't forget to constantly upgrade your units and technology to stay ahead of the enemy. This will increase the strength and abilities of your units, making them more effective in battle.

Outstanding features in the game Age Of War

Let's explore the outstanding features that create an interesting game Age Of War:

  • Good military command tactical gameplay
  • Beautifully hand-drawn graphics are loved by many people because it's simple.
  • There are two game modes for you to choose from normal or hard
  • Equip and upgrade defence systems as well as soldiers
  • The game is developed by Max Game Studios. You can play this game both on your phone or desktop.


Do I need Flash to play Age of War?

No, this game is created with HTM5 technology. Therefore, you can play this game on the web browser.

Can I play Age of War on mobile?

Yes, you can play Age of War on your mobile device.

Can children play this game?

Yes, children can play this game. They can exercise their brain.

How should I arrange the soldiers?

You should put the strong warriors first and the archers behind them.

How to control

Use the mouse to play this game.