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Enjoy a thrilling battle in Lordz.io

A battlefield has opened to all players around the world. You can transform into characters in the game Lordz,io. Build your own powerful army. In this game, you not only have to fight against other players, but you also have to destroy the monster's base. Make a lot of gold to build you a mighty army. Are you ready to join this war? If so, don't hesitate to click on the game right away. Many interesting features are waiting for you!

Earn gold and build an army in Lordz.io

Pick up gold to buy soldiers or build houses to increase the population limit, but don't forget to protect them with power. You may see much gold along the way. They are beneficial for you. There are many kinds of soldiers such as archers, warriors, dragons, normal solider, etc. Each soldier will cost a certain of gold. Of course, buying expensive soldiers will be more effective because they are more powerful. Try your best to buy as many soldiers as possible. Then, when your army has enough power, you can destroy the fortress in the middle of the map to get new cars.

In the beginning, you can restart as a knight, archer or mage. It depends on you. Moreover, you also can enter another fight to protect your kingdom in Dynamons World.

Your houses in Lordz.io will never be destroyed with this tip

As you know, you need houses to increase the soldier limit. However, sometimes, the enemies can find your houses and destroy them. You also build many powers to protect it. But the opponents are too crowded and dangerous. I will suggest an ideal place to build houses. That is near the fortress. When the other players don't have enough power, they won't close the fortress. This fortress only attacks the soldiers, but it doesn't destroy the construction.

Why you should play this game

Test your strategy and tactics when you have to fight against many players. You also can show your intelligence and your strategy ability in Merge Cannon Chicken Defense. Step by step expand your army and defeat all your enemies. Join Knights, Soldiers, Archers, Mages, Barbarians, and even dragons in your mighty army. In this game, you also ca chat with other players. From that, let's challenge all players around you. You can also make friends with them. You won't be alone. The game is playable on the web browser. It means you can play the game on the desktop and mobile thanks to HTML5 technology. Are you ready to conquer this game? Hopư you will have a relaxing time.


  • Click the mouse to attack
  • Swipe the mouse to move
  • Press the space bar to split Army
  • Enter to chat
  • Tab to chat with the team.
  • E to build house
  • R to build tower
  • T to summon soldier
  • Y to summon knight
  • U to summon archer
  • I to summon barbarian
  • O to summon the dragon.