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Pokemon Air War

About Pokemon Air War

Leading your Pokemon skillfully to destroy all enemies in the best possible way is your main task when playing Pokemon Air War.

Things you need to do to beat your enemy

Before playing the game, there will be 3 Pokemon for you to choose to become your companion. Each Pokemon has a different fighting ability and uses its power to win. There are a lot of enemies, they can move on the ground or fly in the sky. You attack them, they can also attack you, for example, birds can drop eggs. If you get hit by their attacks, you can lose your life. Then you will have to play from the beginning. So, be very careful to both attack effectively and avoid the opponent's attack. In addition, there are opponents going forward like you but there are also opponents going against you. In Pokemon Air War, you also need to watch out for buildings, they can be destroyed too. Paying attention to these to be able to survive for a long time and defeat them.

The gadgets Pokemon Air War offers you

Pokemon Air War is designed so that you can see specific instructions before starting both about the mission and how to fight. There will be bubbles containing hearts and lightning falling, their function is to restore a little health and attack with all shoots for a moment, respectively. Also, if you want to find another game then you can click on the console icon on the screen, and it will lead you to another game store. If you are a Pokemon lover and want to experience the games with their participation, Dexomon is also one of the good choices.

Game control

Use arrow keys to move Pokemon in directions and the spacebar to shoot.