Stumble Guys is a fun entertaining game. In a chaotic battle, be the last one to survive and defeat all opponents in a short time.

You along with 32 other opponents will compete in a chaotic battle. Compete together to overcome all challenges, the faster you run, the sooner you will have a chance to win. Each person will have a different way to overcome all obstacles. Run fast and outrun your opponents.

In a chaotic battle with all kinds of challenges that change unexpectedly, you will have to change directions constantly to avoid them. In addition, your character will also change color and shape continuously, so pay close attention. This not only makes you bored but also creates an interesting level for the game.

Through level one, the number of your opponents will be halved from 32 to 16. Later on there will be fewer obstacles but you will be stuck in a quagmire and can't get out.


You use the arrow buttons and the mouse to move your character. Or you can use the double-click button, your character will slide, take advantage of it, and for the next difficult game in the swamp. This will be a fun game between you and your friends to overcome challenges.