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Knife Spin


About Knife Spin

Sharp knives are always dangerous things in real life. However, in this game, it will become a powerful weapon to destroy the planks. Aim at the planks and launch the knives. You need to launch many knives to be able to break a plank. This game has the same peaceful gameplay as Dynamons 2.

Explore Knife Spin mechanics

Throw the knife to the moving plank. You can know how many knives it takes to destroy a plank by the number of dots on it. These planks will be in constant motion. Therefore, you need to estimate the distance between the knife and the planks. Also, knowing the movement of planks is also important.

Select modes in Knife Spin

This game has 2 modes: classic mode and endless mode. The first mode is the classic mode where you try to complete the levels by breaking the board into pieces. After that, you will be able to level up when you complete the above mission. The second mode is the endless mode where you try to destroy as many chessboards as possible to earn a high score. You can play this mode forever until you run out of lives.

Some notes when playing Snife Spin

  • You can get three lives in this game. When you miss a plank, you will lose one life. Therefore, don't miss three times.
  • There is no limited time.
  • On some levels, there is more than one plank.
  • You can get some boosters when you cut fruits.
  • Change the theme of the game. You can select a day theme or night theme for your game.
  • How to control: Use the mouse to play this game.