About Granny

Granny is a famous horror game that you should try. While being kidnapped in a closed room, use your wisdom and find your way out quickly.

You need to navigate through Granny's creaky rooms and dimly lit corridors in order to escape the horror arcade game. Granny has keen hearing, so no amount of silence won't be enough to prevent her from hearing you leave. So, the moment she hears you making a fuss, she will run over. Every time Granny or one of her traps catches you, you lose a day and you'll wake up in bed the following evening. Just remember that you only have five days to travel! Moving from one room to the next should be audible. With all the noise, Granny can hear you. You should employ this tactic to get her attention. She possesses a remarkable sense of detail and the ability to find the source of any sound, but she lacks brains and is easily tricked. To find the items you need to vanquish Granny, look about the home. Since the things are initially dispersed randomly, you cannot predict where any given object will be. Consider taking out the garbage in private. Throwing items on various desks, tables, shelves, cabinets, and soft furniture can do this. Be aware of the squeaky floorboards and silence yourself. Then, it is possible to move around the rooms much more silently. Run greater than Granny. She can also be obstructed by closing any doors that are in her path. As they journey, they will encounter a variety of additional secrets that Granny keeps hidden behind closed doors. Her favorite spider, which is housed in a cage at the top of the tower, becomes a secondary nemesis. Remember that with a keen eye for detail, Granny's victim may be identified.

When you finish this adventure, you can participate in other adventures in Basketball Legend, Shell Shocker, Nightmare Runners, Dead Paradise 3, and Fall Boys And Girls.

How To Control

With intelligence and careful reasoning, control the mouse quickly to get out as quickly as possible.