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Backrooms Game

About Backrooms Game

Backrooms Game is an interesting and unique horror game. Find a way to hide from the monsters, find the fastest way out for yourself.

For thrill lovers, you will have the opportunity to experience the mysterious things in the backrooms. Everything was dark and old, the corridors, and the stairs looked like they were about to collapse. You are alone and get out as soon as possible to protect yourself from danger.

There are many corridors and paths for you to choose from. Of course, in old houses, the horror element is indispensable. There are ghosts, and monsters lurking everywhere, as long as you go the wrong way, they will kill you, and you lose. Along the way you will also encounter strange things, don't ignore them, it will be useful for you to defeat monsters.

In the game there are three levels, Level 0 is like you are in the hallway, with winding roads and lots of furniture. The next level is the warehouse with dust and cobwebs that will obstruct the way and the ability to see. Finally, on the most difficult level, you will discover more long dark tunnels without seeing the destination.

How To Control

Press the arrow buttons to navigate the character's view. Pay attention to ignoring the sounds, adjust and develop specific strategies to escape. Look around for the tutorial buttons or the hint notes, they are all helpful. Even the objects you meet on the way, collect them, and all can help you to escape.