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Ghost Fight IO


About Ghost Fight IO

Ghost Fight IO is a fun but equally dramatic ghost chase game. Try to gather a lot of energy and become strong so as not to be harmed by other ghosts.

You are a cute little ghost formed in an abandoned graveyard; your goal is to fly around in search of glowing energy spheres to absorb them and become stronger. There are many other souls out there who are hunting for energy pellets just like you. Your energy count is updated at the top. The most powerful ghosts will have the most energy points and bright colors, avoid them if you don't want them to drain all your energy. When your energy is depleted, you will disappear and lose the game.

You will gain strength and numbers as you collect more and more white energy as well as ghosts smaller than yourself. You will be able to change your skin and size as you level up. You will look cool when you look bigger and have bold colors of the strong. Remember to earn more items to improve your strength and other rewards as these will help you in your quest. Because of the level of drama that makes players fall in love, this will definitely be an addictive spooky game when Halloween approaches.

Features of Ghost Fight IO

  • With vivid two-dimensional graphics.
  • True vivid colors.
  • Super cute characters, suitable for all ages, no fear

How To Control

The game is completely free to play on phones and computers. When playing on the computer use the mouse, arrow keys, or AWSD to move the character. Similar to playing on the phone, you just need to slide your finger across the screen. Try to avoid the big ghosts quickly and collect the energy to become the master of the graveyard.