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Merge Melons


Score points and get the required number of stars by creating different fruits in the Merge Melons game. Accomplish goals with action-packed strategies.

When fruit merging games become a trend and are well received by everyone, Merge Melons is a new version developed based on the old platform. This is the selection of quintessence and the creation of unexpected elements. Unlocking and progressing to higher levels as players reach goals are new to Merge Melons. Along with the growth in level, creating different fruits is still a task that needs to be completed.

Players are tasked with merging similar fruits to create another fruit of larger size. At least one type of fruit appears when 2 identical fruits are combined. When the number of stars and points based on the goal is achieved in each level, the next level is unlocked. The ultimate goal is to create a watermelon. Players also need to pay attention to the allowable limit. Do not let the fruits cross the limit line because all results will be broken if the rules are violated.

The levels will gradually increase but the amount of fruit in the box is cumulative. Therefore, to play for a long time and unlock many levels, arranging fruits properly is important. While merging the fruit, it creates plenty of space in the box and doesn't reach the box's limits.

Tips to play

  • Need strategic thinking.
  • Observe and be skillful.
  • Adapt to challenges.
  • Be patient and try to complete your goal.

Distinctive features

  • Knife: With this feature, you can cut any fruit. It helps you create great space. You should use this feature wisely.
  • 10T Weight: Use this feature when you want to destroy any fruit on the playing field.
  • Rainbow flower: You can use it to combine with any fruit.

How to play

Use the mouse.