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Fish Stab Getting Big


Fish Stab Getting Big is a race for the survival of a fish on the ocean floor. Fight and help this fish become the strongest and master the vast ocean.

Fish Stab Getting Big opens a beautiful world under the sea. Where aquatic inhabitants live. Everything happens according to the rules called fighting for survival. Organisms need to compete or fight for life.

Play the role of a small fish holding a sword in its mouth. To ensure its life, this fish must stab other fish with its sword or eat them. Try to stab as many fish as possible because it will help the fish grow bigger and the sword will also be upgraded with new features.

The cute little fish's opponents are extremely dangerous to fish creatures that move extremely fast and flexibly. If you do not quickly identify the target and destroy them, they will chase you and stab you to death. Try to get out of danger and become stronger and stronger.

How to play

Player 1

  • Move: Use WASD keys.
  • Boost: Use the C key.

Player 2

  • Move: Use arrow keys.
  • Boost: Use the L key.