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Dynamons 5


Dynamons 5 is an adventure and exploration of four mysterious worlds. Collect Dynamons and develop them into the strongest team in the world.

Azerion Casual Games has developed the Pokemon-style Dynamons 5 game, which is extremely interesting and exciting. Officially released in August 2023 and currently becoming a game with huge traffic. For those who like action games and combat training, Dynamons 5 definitely cannot be missed.

Dynamons 5 is an attractive part of the Dynamons series and continues the success of Dynamons 4. Coming to this game, players will visit and explore 4 unique worlds: Water Temple, Fire Temple, Electric Temple, and mysterious Legendary Cave.

That player's mission is to find and collect adorable yet mystically powerful Dynamons as you travel through 4 beautiful worlds. Train them to become allies and create an incredibly powerful team.

Outstanding features:

  • Fascinating plot.
  • Explore the magical world.
  • A diverse collection of Dynamons.
  • Battles are turn-based.
  • Dynamons have mystical abilities.
  • Multiplayer feature
  • Clear mission and goals.
  • Characters progress with each round of play.

How to play

Use a mouse or keyboard.