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Monster GO


Relax with Monster GO

What do you usually do in your leisure time? I would like to introduce you to a puzzle game. That's Monster GO. In this game, you will have to connect the same monsters together. Unlike Draw Attack, this game has peaceful gameplay. Each monster is placed in a separate square. There will be two same monsters in two identical squares. You need to connect them together by using colourful lines.

Game rules of Monster GO

You will see a large square that contains small squares. In some small squares, there will be monsters. To match two identical monsters, you need to move the mouse from one monster to another. You must ensure that the connection between pairs of monsters does not overlap. Furthermore, these connections must cover the whole field. Although the game has no time limit. However, you need to do as few moves as possible. From there, you might be able to complete the level with perfection. Good luck to you!

The difficulty of Monster GO

You will experience three modes of the game: easy, medium, and hard. Each level will have 3 stages. Each of these stages will have 25 levels. The levels, as well as stages, will be increasingly challenging. The number of monsters will increase through the levels. That makes you have to spend a lot of moves to connect them. Easy and medium modes are available and you can play any level in these modes. However, hard mode only unlocks when you finish all easy mode and medium mode.

More things about Monster GO

  • Children can play this game to exercise their brains.
  • The monsters are very adorable. The connecting lines are also colourful.
  • Multiple levels can challenge your skills. Unlock the hard levels.

How to control: Use the mouse to connect the same monsters.