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Dynamons World


About Dynamons World

Dynamons World is providing many adorable Dynamons to players over the world. Catch the mysterious creatures and train them into the master of fighting now!

Almost all people are familiar with the Pokemon series which is about many elemental creatures. They have cute appearances and possess terrible elemental power. Now, they appear in the Dynamons Worlds online game. You will be their trainer. However, you need to catch some Dynamons first. They will hide in the forest or caves and attack you, so be careful! Collect them and add these Dynamons to your team.

Welcome to the Dynamons World

In the beginning, you will be guided by an old man called Jovani in Camp Dynamons. You go to this camp to become a Dynamon Captain. Before you enter the camp, you must do a skill test to discover your great potential. The first step to becoming an excellent Dynamons Captain is to select your own Dynamon. You can choose Kikflick, Snorky, or Torchip. Then, it will be the first Dynamon on your team. Jovani will give you some useful items which are a discatch, healing kit, omnistone. Then you will start your journey and battle with many powerful opponents.

Collect many Dynamons in Dynamons World

How about collecting the Dynamons? You only receive the first Dynamon for free and you need to catch others. They must be wild Dynamons and you can't catch the opponents Dynamons. In the beginning, you need to attack these wild Dynamons to reduce their blood at a certain point. Then, let's release a discatch to capture them. In this fun game, you can level up your Dynamons. When they join a battle, they can get some experience. If this experience bar is full, you can feed your pets Dynastones to proceed with their level. As soon as you advance the level, a skill will be unlocked. These skills are quite strong.

Win all battles in Dynamons World

You are on a journey to be a legendary Dynamons trainer. In this world, you have to face many other trainers who also want to be a talented trainer. You have to fight with them to improve your ability. Enter the battles and when you win boss battles, you can get some rewards. They can be coins or helpful items. You can switch Dynamons during the battle. When a Dynamon is weakened, you should change another Dynamon to fight. Click on the "More" button and choose the suitable Dynamons. During the competition, you can use one item per turn. Moreover, Dynamons and skills have types. So, you should know the certain weaknesses and strengths of the Dynamons. For example, water-type Dynamons are resistant to damage from fire Dynamons. However, they'll receive extra damage from the attacks of electricity Dynamons. There is no perfect Dynamon in this game. Look at the statistics of the Dynamons on the screen to know their element. Unleash the most powerful attacks. If the attack is weak, you should switch to a stronger attack. Hope you have a relaxing time with this game!

Explore some useful items in your bag in Dynamons World

  • Hellfire can: temporarily gives HELLFIRE
  • Discatch: Used to catch wild Dynamons
  • Fire Dynastone: Used to level up fire Dynamons
  • Earth Dynastone: used to level up Earth Dynamons
  • Omnistion: used to level up any Dynamons
  • Ancient key: a mysterious key
  • Healing kit: restores full health between battles
  • Health Spray: restore some health during battle

Defeat all opponents with simple tips

  • Always keep the Dynamons power up by leveling up. The Dynastone will always be on your bad and wait for your use.
  • You can collect many Dynamons to switch in the battles. From that, one Dynamons don't have to fight for much and eliminate enemies' damage on it.
  • Don't skip the storyline and introduction of the NPC character. You can learn an interesting story and how to play the game.
  • The statistics of each Dynamons will be on the screen. Observe this information to know the opponent's element and their health.
  • If you can beat a more powerful than you, you can get more coins and experience points for your Dynamons. Only Dynamons who join the battle can get EX points. Of course, those who do not participate will not receive experience.
  • Buying some loot bag with coins. Each loot bag has different items. The loot chest will give more items, but you need to watch ads to open it.

What you can experience in this Dynamons world

  • From the first glance, you can see the investment in the game's graphics. There are hundreds of different Dynamons with many unique looks. You will discover them as you go further.
  • The game with simple mechanics, so children can have fun with this game after school.
  • Follow the incredible storyline to know what happens. In the storyline, you will meet many formidable opponents. This will help you challenge and prove your abilities.
  • This game was released in November 2016. It is developed by Functu.


Is Dynamons World an online game?

Yes, you can play the game online on the web browser.

How to save progress in Dynamons World?

The game date will be automatically saved on the cache of the browser. Make sure you don't delete the cache. Then, you can continue your journey.

Is Dynamons a single-player game?

Yes. However, you can challenge other players all over the world.

Can I play this fun game on the tablet?

Yes, of course. With HTML5 technology, this game is playable in the web browser, It means you can play the game on a computer, laptop, tablet, or even smartphone.

Can children play Dynamons World?

Yes, it is suitable for everyone.

How to control

Use the mouse to play this game.