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Toy Car Simulator


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Are you ready to participate in the wars in Toy Car Simulator? You will be involved in the survival battle between the toy cars in arena mode.

Toy Car Simulator is a simple driving game that challenges your driving ability in various modes. Like Flying Wings HoverCraft, you can participate in fierce battles. You control the car to move in the city and collect coins. You can not let your car have a collision, it will make you fail. You can control your car in 2 modes day and night.

In addition, you can also challenge yourself in 2P mode. In this mode, you need to control 2 cars at the same time. This helps stimulate your brain and train your concentration.

How to control

  • Use WASD to move
  • Use the SPACE bar to handbrake
  • Press F to use nitro
  • Press I to start the ignition
  • Use L to switch the light on/off

3 modes of Toy Car Simulator

  • In Free Ride mode: You control your car to move freely in the city. You collect coins to be able to upgrade your car. Since this mode has only you, you can practice your driving ability.
  • In Highway mode: You will control your car moving on the highway. You need to be careful of cars going in the same direction and in the opposite direction. If you have an accident you will lose immediately. At the same time, you also need to collect coins and score.
  • In Arena mode: You will participate in the war with 4 other cars. You need to attack and push other cars down the cliff. Also, you need to pay attention to the opponent's attack. You can die up to 5 times in this game mode. When the time runs out, the last person standing on the battlefield will get the treasure.