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City Car Driver


About City Car Driver

Have an amazing driving experience in the City Car Driver game. In this game, you can drive in various modes and show off your super-driving skills.

This game has the same gameplay as Highway Racer, you will experience amazing driving in the city. You can be shown off your driving skills in 5 different modes of the game. You will feel the excitement in the endless chase races. Play and conquer this amazing game.

How to play

In this game, you will control your car through many modes of the game. You use the keys on the keyboard to control the character. You will experience intense races that cause adrenaline to rise. There is a blood bar in the left corner of the screen, you will die when the blood bar runs out. Be very careful with the opponents in the race, they always want to beat you. Take down your opponents before they take you down.

You can play this game in 5 modes. The modes will have different gameplay. You will be drive freely in Free Drive mode, which allows you to practice your driving skills. You can also participate in thrilling chases in chase mode.

How to control

  • Use WASD or arrow keys to control
  • Use F to boost
  • Use I to stop or start the engine
  • Use C to change the camera view
  • Use the SPACE bar to handbrake

Build your own car

You can build your favorite car in the garage and you can choose your favorite car models. The game has a variety of vehicles. Each vehicle has a different texture that helps you complete the game easily

In addition, you can also make your car special by painting them. You can paint 3 colors red, blue and green. You can paint the parts such as the wheels, body, front bump, bear, spoiler, exhaust, and hood.