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Dynamons 2


Comeback with Dynamons world in this game

Dynamons 2 is a fun training game. Play as an animal trainer, go to war, win and win Dynamons to your side. Become a great trainer.

The second version of Dynamons World has been released. The wonderful elemental creatures are back. They are waiting for you to catch and train them. These creatures possess a lovely appearance but harbour great elemental strength. They need a professional trainer to help them become even stronger. In Dynamons 2, you will continue your journey to become a legendary trainer. On the way, you will encounter countless dangers, but the dynamons will help you. You will also meet other dynamons and capture them. Use your dynamons to win, then they will take your side.

Explore the Dynamons 2 gameplay

You will experience the addictive gameplay. As you know, taming and training Dynamons is not easy. You have to participate in many battles to capture Dynamons and gain more experience points. Every time you win a battle, your Dynamon will receive a certain amount of experience. In addition, you will also receive gold when you defeat your opponent. This gold can be used to buy some useful items in the shop. There are many other trainers who can challenge you. When you have enough power, you can come and fight with them. In the battle, you think that you can’t win, it is better to escape. Then, upgrade your team to refight with your opponents. 

Entering the battle

Each dynamons will have different fighting characteristics, and each area has dynamons hiding. To find them, fight until the red leopard scours strong and open the bag to collect them on your team. Each animal will turn to attack, try to choose the strong and have the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent. Let's win, capture, and upgrade them for the next stronger levels.

Some tips to win battles

  • Learn the strength of your dynamons and the opponent carefully to make the most suitable attack options. For example, the ones on land, use flash, which will die more easily.
  • Defeat opponents to gain many rewards.
  • Only Dynamons who beat the opponent can get the experience point.
  • Choose the different elemental power Dynamons or they have a high level to capture.

Guide to playing this game

Get used to the free dynamons on the first turn. There will be instructions for you to cast. You just need to click on the thing you see that can defeat the opponent. A more button opens a menu for you to see each move you want to use or a bag image for you to capture dynamics. Complete the mission step by step and become a great trainer. You can play Dynamons 2 on mobile or desktop thanks to HTML5 technology. Children can play this game to enhance their strategy-making ability. Are you ready to take part in this exciting adventure? If yes, play the game now! If you like this version, don’t keep it for yourself. Let’s share it with your friend. Then, you will have fun together.

Game control: Use the mouse to play this game.