About AA Game

AA Game is a fast and accurate needle-throwing game that you to experience your abilities. Throw your needle into the target circle on the screen to level up.

You must be quick and vigilant while playing this game. The object is to toss the needles such that they do not overlap in the circle in the center of the screen. The minimal number of needles that must be fixed into position climbs rapidly as you go through the game's stages. The circle around rotates very fast, you have to determine the exact time, or else you will get stuck with the old needles, and you will lose. AA Game quickly gained the favor of a large number of people who like playing video games when it was first launched to users. You will undoubtedly appreciate this game since the gameplay is simple yet the narrative is exciting. Believe me, it is ideal for you to enjoy it in your spare time. When you complete a level, you go to the next, which features a new set of more difficult obstacles. A speed game that requires observation and quick and accurate reflexes, you compete with friends to see who is better.

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How To Control

Click to play.