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About Zombsroyale.io

Join the epic battles in the Zombsroyale.io game. You will participate in fierce battles, where you will have direct gun battles with other players.

Epic battles are happening in the game ZombsRoyale.io. In this game, you will find weapons and fight head-to-head with other opponents. The game will give you the thrill and excitement of fighting opponents. Sometimes you will have to fight alone, so watch out for opponents that can sneak up on you. You have to fight against all opponents on the map. Fight and be the only one that survives the battle.

Features of Zombsroyale.io

  • A survival game
  • Fight against many other players
  • Find a weapon to aim yourself

How to control

  • Press the SPACE bar to jump out of the plane.
  • Press M to enlarge the map.
  • Use the arrow keys to move.
  • Use the mouse to shoot.

How to play Zombsroyale.io

On a large map, you will fight with 49 other opponents. There is a plane that takes you to the battle area, you choose the most profitable jumping place for yourself. This game has distinctive gameplay with Lordz.io, you will arm yourself by finding guns. After equipping yourself well, go find the enemies and destroy them.

Because the map is very large, the game will limit the playing area by a circle. You should not play too far from the play area. If you are too far away when the circle is closed, you will not be able to run into the play area in time. If you run out of the play area, you will lose blood and die. In addition, the game has a mini-map in the left upper corner of the screen, you press M to enlarge the map. Take advantage of this map to know your location and run into the play area in time.