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About DashCraft.io

DashCraft.io is a fun game, where you can build your own racetrack. In this game, you participate in thrilling races against other opponents.

Do you already know the driving game City Car Driver, where you can freely show off your driving skills? Similarly, DashCraft.io is a simple driving game, however, it allows you to build your own tracks. You will participate in thrilling races and perform dangerous turns. Because it is a multiplayer game you will race fast against other players. You will participate in narrow and adventurous tracks. The turns appear constantly that require you to have quick reflexes and good driving skills. You use the keys on the keyboard to control your car. Do not let your car have an accident because that is an opportunity for the enemy to pass you. Play and win against all the opponents in the game!

How to control: Use the arrow key to control.

Build your own track

This game allows you to build your own race tracks. You can easily create races using available resources. You can use the available track of the game and put them together. There are simple tracks such as straight, turn, climb, slope, and so on. Choose from these tracks and build a unique track.

You will be able to choose the right car for yourself in the garage, the game has a series of unique car models for you to choose from. The game's cars are Galileo, Explorer, Horizon, Cassini, Juno, Pioneer, Venera, Voyager, Ariel, and HeliosSkylab.

Practice your driving skill in Drive mode

You can practice your driving skills in the Drive practice room. There are unique terrains such as steep slopes and spiral curves. You will test your driving ability in this mode. You will perform spectacular jumps on steep slopes, perfect landings, and dangerous brakes. Training in this mode will make you a formidable opponent on the track.