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Water Sort Puzzle


Test your brain

Water Sort Puzzle is an interesting puzzle game that you should experience. Let's immediately start sorting out the types of water in the test tube.

Complete all levels in this game

You can advance to the following level once you've divided them up by color. As the game goes on, the difficulty level increases, and the number of colors you must sort increases. Do you believe you can accomplish every level? Enjoy yourself while you play! Consider what will be left once you have finished pouring everything. Will it leave you with no other options or will it present you with an advantageous opportunity? To avoid being backed into a corner, thoroughly consider all of your options before taking any action.

Game control

If you play on the mobile, just tap on the screen to play. However, you need to click the left mouse button to play on the PC.

Pour the same-color liquid in a glass

On the screen, there are a few glasses with liquids of various colors. Sort the liquids according to color, then put similar color liquids into the same glass. Click on one of the glasses, then click on another to pour the liquid. But use caution! This is only possible if the liquids are the same color and the glass has enough room.

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