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Color Snake 3D Online

About Color Snake 3D Online

Play Color Snake 3D Online and have great moments. You have to control your snake to avoid blocks of different colors and reach the finish line.

You have completed all the levels of Snake Game and you are looking for a similar fun game. What are you waiting for without playing the Color Snake 3D Online game? The game gives you the thrill of avoiding blocks of different colors on your path to the finish line. The blocks appear dense making it difficult for you to pass. This game requires you to be careful and concentrate. You can also fail with just one small mistake. Play and do your best to complete the levels of this game.

How to play

In this game, you need to control a snake to the finish line and avoid hitting blocks of different colors. Your snake will die when it hits blocks of different colors. The snake will change color when passing a horizontal bar on the path. Blocks of different colors will be randomly arranged along the path. You are allowed to move through the blocks of the same color as the snake. The snake will move constantly, so you must not be distracted. You use the mouse and move your character left or right to avoid obstacles.

In the upper corner of the screen, there will be a taskbar that helps you determine what percentage of the goal you have completed. When you reach the finish line without dying, you have completed the mission.

Also, the game has a multitude of levels. The levels of the game will unlock as soon as you complete their previous level. Let's conquer all the levels in this game.

How to control: Use the mouse to control your character and avoid obstacles.