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Galactic Traffic


About Galactic Traffic

Play Galactic Traffic and join the future driving journey. In this game, you will drive and collect money to get new cars on the galactic track.

This is an interesting game where you will be driving in a galactic racetrack. The beautiful scenery of this game makes you overwhelmed. You will have an amazing driving experience that you never get before on the galactic race track. It has the same gameplay as Sports Car Challenge, and you will join this race with other cars. You drive to help your car go fast on the designated track. You have to complete the race as quickly as possible and avoid accidents.

How to play

The game has very simple gameplay. You use the keys on the keyboard to control your car. You must avoid cars moving in the same direction as you on the track. Keep the car always on the track and do not have an accident. If you have any collision, you will fail. You can use the power-ups to complete the race more easily.

During the driving, you collect money and choose your favorite car outside the main menu on the screen. There are countless cars with different designs and prices. Choose the right car for you and open a new adventure.

How to control: Use the keys on the keys board to control your car.

Tips to play Galactic Traffic

  • You collect coins to buy new cars. You use magnets to be able to get more coins.
  • You collect power-ups like thunderbolts to make your car move faster. When you activate this power-up, you can go through other cars.
  • You need to be careful with the speed of your car, it makes it difficult for you to control the car and get thrown off the track.