About Sort Hoop

Sort Hoop is an extremely attractive game with colorful hoops. To be the winner of the game, arrange hoops of the same color into separate columns.

The game is suitable for a kid's game that can be played online on any smartphone or tablet, including the iPhone, iPad, Samsung, and other Apple and Android devices.  Simply connect hoops of the same color. It seems simple, doesn't it? Perhaps not, as there will be more color in the next levels. You should be a note of the sorting order of the hoops so that you do not become confused. It's quite hilarious. The mental difficulty will be raised by using a range of hues and sizes of hoops. Position the hoops in accordance with the rules of the big hoops below and the little hoops above, respectively, to split all the colors into individual hoops. Due to the numerous challenging levels and color puzzles with bigger hoop sizes and more colors, the challenge rises as you play. How far do you think you can go?

This game is too easy for you. Galactic Traffic, Fall Beans, Shell Shocker, and Nightmare Runners are always here to challenge your skills.

How To Control

Use the mouse to move hoops.