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Nightmare Runners

About Nightmare Runners

Join the macabre expedition with the Nightmare Runners. In the dark night, you and the other players must overcome obstacles and find the way to the goal.

It is not a scary journey like Freddy Run 3, however, Nightmare Runners also makes you goosebumps because of the fierce races at night. You need to quickly overcome the challenges and run to the finish line because this game has a limited number of players. When the number of finishers reaches the target and you are still in the race, you will be disqualified. You have to use all your brains and reach the finish line as quickly as possible to become the last one to survive.

How to play

Although the challenges of the game are quite difficult to overcome, the gameplay is quite simple. You just need to use the keys on the keyboard to control the character. You need to quickly overcome your opponents before you run out of slots. When you fall down the cliff, the game will bring you back to the starting point. You can also attack other opponents by pushing them off the cliff, they have to play the game from starting. Play and have fun with this game.

How to control: Use the keys on the keyboard to control.

Challenge yourself in the 2P mode

You can challenge yourself in the 2P mode of the game. In this mode, you will have to control 2 characters at the same time. The screen will be divided into 2 halves. The character on the left of the screen is controlled by WASD keys, and the character on the right of the screen is controlled by the arrow keys. These characters will be brought to the same map and undergo the same challenges. The winner is the first one who reaches the finish line.