About Snowball.io

Snowball.io is an addictive game this winter. You have to create huge snowballs to knock down your opponent and survive to the end to become the winner.

Make a larger snowball and use it to knock opponents off the field. You may make a single large snowball or a series of little balls, and you can either bump it directly toward your opponent or snipe them with it... the option is all yours. Move around to gather snow. As the snowball increases in size, it becomes simpler to annihilate your opponents. When your snowball is ready, launch it at other players. You will also use the snowball to strike and knock players down. You must also avoid being pushed over the edge by other players! You play on an ice surface that shrinks as the level advances, similar to battle royale games.

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How To Control

Drag the mouse or use the hand you want to move to create snowballs that knock down your opponent.