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Stick Run


About Stick Run

Play Stick Run and discover amazing games. You will control your character to move in an infinity tunnel and you have to not fly off the track.

Stick Run is a fun running game, where you can explore many different cities. Your character is lost in an endless tunnel and you have to help him find his way out. You need to jump over the obstacles and go far in this tunnel. You will go through countless challenges that will stimulate your brain. The further you go, the more points you will get. Your highest score will be saved and displayed outside the main screen.

How to play

This game has the same gameplay as the Runner Multiplayer game. Your character will run automatically in an infinity tunnel. You just need to control the direction of this character by jumping and moving left or right. You have to move through the tunnels while overcoming the challenges. You will face obstacles such as space holes and lands with unstable structures. When you jump on this land, the ground will collapse and form deep holes. You have to jump over these obstacles and keep your character from flying out of the tunnel.

How to control: Use the up arrow keys to jump and the left and right arrow keys to rotate the world as you go.

2 game modes

You can explore the Stick Run game in two modes: Adventure Mode and Infinite Mode.

  • In Adventure Mode, you will find tons of new lands and cities. You need to complete 50 levels to open up new lands. You collect coins to unlock new characters!
  • In Infinite Mode, you will be able to run indefinitely. In the tunnels, you will find wealth scattered everywhere. The coin can be used to unlock new characters and continue your adventure.