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Runner Multiplayer


About Runner Multiplayer

Participate in magical races in the game Runner Multiplayer. You will race on a closed track, where you have to race against countless other players.

You are familiar with running games like Craft Runner. I think that you will easily adapt to the Runner Multiplayer game. You will be participating in the adventure of an alien who is lost on an endless planet. He is trying to run on the endless road and find his way back home. You have to control him to escape the traps on this planet. Conquer this endless track and help the alien find the way back home.

Features of Runner Multiplayer

  • A running game
  • Play with multiplayer
  • Play in 2 modes

How to play

The alien will adventure on a closed race track. In this track, there are collapsing lands that make him jump into space. You must steer him safely on this path. You move him across the blue land, this is solidly textured land. The white lands have a loose texture and will break apart when jumping. You control the character to jump over empty holes. You can rotate the edges of the track to choose a safe path for the character. In addition, you can also play with other players in the Online mode of the game.

How to control: Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to control your character.

Play Runner Multiplayer in two modes

You can play the game in 2 modes: level and infinity.

In infinity mode: You control the character on an endless journey. When you fly out of space, the game will take you back to the starting point.

In level mode: You will go through countless levels, when you complete a level your journey will be saved. Thus, when you fly out of space, the game will take you back to the checkpoint of that level.