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Shell Shockers


About Shell Shockers

Participate in dramatic gunfights in the Shell Shockers game. You need to equip yourself with weapons and find to eliminate other opponents on the map.

You will participate in the dramatic battle between other eggs. You have to find and pick up guns to equip weapons for yourself. The opponents in this game are extremely aggressive, so you have to equip yourself well. You use all your skills to destroy the enemy as quickly as possible. When the opponent is too crowded, find a place to hide. When the opponent is distracted, you will be able to destroy them. Let's play and prove your ability in this exciting game!

Features of Shell Shockers

  • A survival game
  • Fight with other eggs
  • Find a gun to equip yourself
  • Fight in an open-map

Beat the opponents in Shell Shockers

You were overwhelmed by the fierce cannon battles in the Dead Paradise 3 game. Now, continue to immerse yourself in the fiery gunfights between the eggs in Shell Shockers. You will be put on a map with other eggs. You have to arm yourself by searching to collect guns and grenades. When you have equipped yourself well, you find and destroy other opponents. The opponents are very aggressive, so you need to have smart tactics. Play and destroy as many opponents to get on the leaderboard.

In addition, the game also has 7 different guns with different functions for you to choose from. Those guns are EggK-47, Scambler, Free Ranger, FPEEG, Whipper, Crackshot, and Tri-hard. Choose a gun that is most suitable and bring out its full power.

How to control

  • Use WASD or the arrow keys to move.
  • Use E to change the weapon.
  • Use Q to throw a grenade.
  • Use R to reload.
  • Use the Space bar to jump.
  • Use Shift to zoom and aim.