About Red Slide

Are you ready for difficult puzzles in the Red Slide game? In this game, you have to control the blue blocks to form the exit for the red block.

Red Slide has very simple gameplay, you just need to slide the blocks to find the way out of the red block. This game sounds simple but it will make you tense to find the way out. The blocks will appear dense, which restricts your movement. You have to take advantage of the small spaces in the game to move. This game requires you to have good thinking and imagination ability. You have to predict your moves in order to move. Play and conquer this amazing game.

How to play

This game is not as simple as the Rope Wrapper game. You have to think a lot to be able to overcome the challenges of the game. In a box with 36 squares, there are blue blocks of different sizes and a red block. You have to control the blue blocks so that the red block can escape. This game has only one exit, so you have to be very careful when moving. This game also has no time limit so you can move freely. Think hard to overcome the challenges of the game.

How to control: Use the mouse to control.

Play on several levels

The game has 60 levels equivalent to 60 different challenges of the game. In the early levels, the challenges are quite easy. It helps you get used to the gameplay of the game. From level 5 onwards, the game will become more difficult. The blue blocks will become denser, making it difficult for you to move. You have to make use of every small space on the board to be able to move. Let's play and conquer all the levels of this game.